Get Your API Token

Every Worksnaps user has an API token which he/she can use to access the API and create or retrieve data. The API token identifies the identity of the user and determines what data the user can access.

Here is how a user can find his API token.

1. Go to Profile & Settings >> Web Service API (Figure 1).

Figure 1

2. Click the link Show my API Token. Then you will see the API token displayed in clear text (Figure 2).

Figure 2

You will see your API token shown at the bottom. You can copy and use it in the programs that you use to invoke API calls to Worksnaps.

Regenerate Your API Token

In some cases, you might want to regenerate your API token for security purpose. You can go to the same page as above and find the Regenerate Token button right next to the API token itself. Clicking on the button will generate a new API token.

Once a new token is generated, the old one will cease to work. It means that you have to replace the token in your existing programs by the new one so that the API calls will continue to work. Please remember to change all the places that you use such token.